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Xiaozheng's words

Xiaozheng's words

Since Xiaozheng himself has a special liking for glutinous rice cakes and likes the tough and chewy glutinous rice crust, he often looks for glutinous rice cakes and daifuku that suit his taste. However, I found that the filling of Hong Kong-style glutinous rice cakes was too monotonous, with only a single fruit, and the outer skin would become hard after being refrigerated;

On the contrary, Japanese daifuku has more varied fillings, but contains a surprising amount of oil and sugar, as well as a lot of additives and preservatives.

"Since you can't find a great fortune that satisfies you, just make it yourself."

I spent a year researching, reading many studies and reports on glutinous rice, and experimenting countless times.
Finally tried a recipe that I am very satisfied with. The idea of ​​opening an online store came up.

The Dafu we sell is mainly oil-free, sugar-free, no additives and no burden. The fillings are all homemade and unique, rich and diverse.

Started from an online store, accumulated customers step by step, encountered numerous obstacles along the way, and grew again after many ups and downs.
The resources of a "small store" cannot be compared with those of large groups and companies, and the funds only rely on personal savings.
But I believe that the quality of "small shops" will never be inferior. "Small shops" have their own characteristics and uniqueness.
In the catering industry, it is difficult for "small shops" to survive.
But I will continue to work hard to pursue this dream, and hope that when I succeed in the future,
You can tell others that young people can start a successful business from scratch, as long as they "believe".

I hope you all know Daifuku and remember that there is a store specializing in Daifuku in Hong Kong.
When you think of Dafu, I hope you think of me.
My name is Justformochi Komasa Daifuku.